How much does a translation cost?

How much does proofreading cost?

The costs for a translation/for proofreading depend upon a number of factors including the language combination, the complexity of the content, the format of the source text, and urgency. I have to see the documents in order to be able to estimate the costs involved.


Generally, all prices for a translation are based on the word count of the source text. This offers high transparency over the final prices for you as client. Furthermore, the use of CAT tools means you can be provided with a detailed analysis of the source text.

Certified Translations

Depending on type and scope of the translation the price is based on either word count or time (to the nearest quarter of an hour). With the translation of official documents and certificates often involving considerable formatting work, the prices for this type of document are often based on an hourly fee. For the certification, a surcharge is applied in addition to the costs for the actual translation.


For proofreading, the prices are also based on the time (to the nearest quarter of an hour).

Urgency Fee

For jobs outside the normal business hours due to their urgency and/or scope (urgent jobs), an urgency fee of 40 % of the total price may apply.

Minimum Fee

Regardless of the size of the job, general administrative work and project-related costs are incurred (project set up, data maintenance, invoicing, etc.). For this reason, a minimum fee for translation and proofreading jobs of 200 words and under will apply.

As you can see, there’s no one-size fits-all answer to how much a translation/proofreading costs.

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